Our range

Our range is perfect to feed the family, for cosy nights in, and for when unexpected guests turn up. We see our food as a pick-me-up, for when your customers need something delicious to delve into and give them a hug from inside, with the hopes they’ll say, oh that’s just what I needed, after a long day. Simply put, our food is done right, and we hope you, and your customers will agree.

Gourmet Ready Meals

Our gourmet ready meals take on classic recipes from all corners of the globe and bring them together with fresh, quality ingredients. We believe convenience should never compromise on flavour, so our ready meals are designed to offer artisan food, at home, without any of the mess, fuss, or hassle. 

Our gourmet ready meals range from taste bud tantalising curries, family favourites, and classic comfort meals.


Our pies are like no other, they are crafted with the pie lover in mind, because let’s face it, who doesn’t love pie!

Our golden flaky pastry and our pie fillings hit the spot every time and will leave you wanting more. Our pie flavours include the classics with tasty twists.


Our bakery items are designed to enjoy at home or on-the-go. They are just the thing for your customers when they need a little pick me up. Crafted by our expert bakers, and made with quality ingredients, our bakery items are sure to hit the spot. 

Why prepared food?

We know life can get busy, there’s not enough hours in the day to get everything done – let alone cook. Whether your customers have had a busy day at work, they’ve got unexpected guests, or they just want something quick and easy, prepared food is always a welcome helping hand in the kitchen.

Why Frozen food?

By freezing our food, your customers can choose when they want to enjoy our gourmet food, as they’re on their own timeframe. Freezing enables us to lock in all of the flavour so it’ll taste perfect no matter when they decide to tuck in.