Tackling Climate Change

We’re not turning a blind eye to climate change at Wold View Foods, we’re going to tackle it head first and do our bit to help. Our overall goal is to eventually be carbon negative, but our focus right now is to safe guard the planet for the future in any way we can. To do this, we’ll reduce our impact by choosing British ingredients where we can to reduce carbon emissions. Our packaging is FSC accredited and where possible, it is recyclable or compostable to help cut down on waste. We’ll also use emails to cut down on paper.

As we grow as a business, we’ll always be looking for new ways to reduce our emissions and focus on improving our practises, always exploring alternatives in the way we conduct business, as well as how we power our facilities. 

We all need to eat, but as a food company, we don’t want to jeopardise the planet any more than we can. So, we know to create a better future, we need to work together.